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Our Journey - August Wilhelmsson
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There is a common misconception that Sub-Sahara Africa lacked any cities, civilizations, centralized states, kingdoms, or empires and that the whole of the region lived in hunter-gatherer clans or small agrarian tribes. While a simple google search will show how untrue this notion really is, there are very few maps that accurately portray pre-colonial African civilizations. Either the maps are incomplete, low resolution, or show African states as nothing more than a collection of jelly bean shaped blobs. Utilizing professional mapping software, academically accredited resources, and a team of dedicated and passionate individuals, we will create the best map of Africa in history! Our ultimate goal is to have a reliable source for anyone interested in learning about African history and more specifically, a place where creators such as game designers, comic book artists, and animators can find inspiration and knowledge.

This will be an interactive map of pre-colonial Africa depicting civilizations from various time periods separated into increments of 100 years. Each individual kingdom will be clickable, allowing the user to view information about the respective kingdom to include its government, capital, and location as well as a detailed description of its history, politics, economy, and culture. There will also be pictures and videos included if any relevant content is available. Eventually trade routes, cities, and resource caches (ie: gold mines) will also be included.

Despite the heavy and unapologetic emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa in my videos, this map will cover the whole of Africa including North African civilizations. However, at launch you can expect only one to two small regions to be shown and more will be added over time.

Yes and no. The map as well as the production of this website requires time and money, and will continue to require time and money for maintenance and updates. Despite originally planning to market the map, I have come to a couple of realizations and conclusions. The first one being that charging users for the map would go against the original intent behind the project, outlined in the "Purpose" section of this page which is to provide an easy, reliable, and detailed source of African history for public use. Secondly, I thought of a much better way to fund the project which is the same way that I have funded this website as well as all of the other upgrades to my videos in the past. Donations and patrons! This project will be community driven so you only have to put money towards it if you really want to contribute towards its improvement.

Neverrrrrr!! No I'm being serious... it will never be completed. It will be an ongoing project that will receive constant improvements, updates, upgrades, refining and tweaks as we gain more experience, sources, and funding. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding the project, please contact us via email or the "African Interactive Map" section of our forums.

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