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Aug 16, 2018
In Alternate History
So this was a realy early discussion on the discord. If you look into Malian history a strange line of succession happens. Abu Bakr II Heir to the famous Mansa (crash your economie with gold) Musa, Just disapears. He sails out of history with 2000 ships into the atlantic ocean. -Halve of this subject was thought up by HiddenHistories on the FN dicored -Guys i am not a profesional Scholar if i get things wrong just correct me its a discusion. -I am not English sorry if my grammer hurts you * = this means i am doing it because it makes it more intresting. Now the story goes that explores had found a might river flowing througe to ocean to parts unkown. If any of you have looked at aworld map with sea flow on it. a mighty rivier in the Ocean might just be a high way to America. Alternatively this rivier might have been the greatest rivier in the world The Amazone in brazil. In Any case what is this this senario wich most of you proably already have quest. ''What if Abu Bakr II reached the Americas?'' ANNO 1311 Afther the sun to the edge of the sea- Well some people claimed he did and various facts could back that up. In 2018 no theory on it has been widly ecsepted. Going ot the fact the mansa whould head for something like the Amazone a trip of 4000KM or 2500 miles whould be made. wich if the weather is fair can be done realtivly easy. In this situation wil say that the fleet being so large reaches the americas in 3 weeks or less. Wishing to explore the mansa proably lands in northern south america. The Mansa whould explore and colect many of the local plants and small animals. His ships how ever whould be able but unsuited to travel in land. Traveling along the coast the Mansa's Fleet proably come into contact with several native groups. at wich Point the Mansa be pleased to meet them or Disapointed to see ''tribals''. Larger Coastal Tribes Could how ever Communicate to him if not in words. that north ward lay something similar to his wealth and his prestige. for the sake of this -narative- the fleet sail on ward towards these masive empires. The travel time now becomes 1 to 2 monthes at sea. while food and water isn't much of a proablem as the ships can find these in the wild or among the tribes some ships will start to break down. Natives whould be taken with the expedition to learn to communicate. The Sunset Peoples- Communication whould be established with the empires of meso America, in this case the maya. But keep in mind that any sea side nations might be contacted. The *maya and Mali expedition whould whould meet and the Mansa either travel to a local official or is met by a local official. This can turn violent but unless you want the expedition to turn into a malian pirate fleet raiding the mesoamerican nations and establishing a black ruled sea based empire. Yea there gonne be peacefull. In this case The leaders exchange diplomates and try to learn euch others language. Several African Old world diseases like malaria whould be released at this point. yet the two sides part on good terms. The mansa knowning a lot of the new world whould try to make his way home but be prefented as wind and sea currents whould make the journey south impossible *for the sake of plot. Exploring the carabiean the Mansa whould pick a Spot fo a Home base. Starting out as a ship yards for the mansa damaged ships. In this case the location of port-au-prince on the island of Hispaniola in Haiti. This is a Natural Habour on a large island with a great body of fresh water. This City Could be named Al-Mansa or Kolonkan. *Unable to make it home the Mansa groing old and losing resourses whould Expand his Ships base into a Genuane Settlement. Bringin order to Chaos he's reargange the lose huts of his men into the mali city layout. With the growth of the city the +6000 (at least) the local Jaraqua nation could either fight this preseved invasion. or coexist like the natives of there northern neighbours the Marién did with colombus later on. Options: 1. The Worste Case the Malian expidation beats down the Jaragua and Claims there lands for there New Nation. With the Mansa Taking a the dauther of one of the Hispaniolan Tribes To be his wive. or even All the tribes seeing as the mansa still follows the muslim faith. or 2. In The Best Case the Jaragua and Malians become one people as the Mansa takes the Jaragua Princess as his new wive. The Mali-Taino in Both cases the Mali Empire with there large population of fighting men and Iron Weapons beat the relativle small tribes into respecting them. The new city whould become a trade hub across the carbean. A creol of Mali and Taino Cultures becomes the City standart with the island stay mostly taino for the first years. Being Black and acting more Malian is seen as the very standart of civilised in the caribean and meso-america. The african diseases whould brun througe the continents of America between 1311 and 1492. Reducing the impact of Eurasian Diseas but not removing it. The maya whould Still Fall and A new Power Nahuatl cities whould take there place. Chikens and several invasive spieces whould have been introdused but may be to few in number to populate the continents. The Colombian Exchange Wen Colombus Find his way to the Americas him finding the Mali Creol might lead him to conclude he landed in africa. Finding they are muslims with no guns means that the nation could be under tread. with him likly setting up his early settlement outside of mali-tanio territory on Cuba or Jamaica seems likely. His Quest for gold and christians whould lead him to the current mansa in 1492-3 ish. Where as and explores of the old world the mansa whould shower him with questions of his homeland. With colombus being a explorer and a sailor may be aware of somthings. Like the portuegese mali relations and the falling of the empire. In any senario the Mali-Taino Mansa whould send diplomates with colombus back to spain offering the gold and jewels from his own old treasures and the meso-american trade as payment and gifts. Options 1. Colombus sails back to spain Telling of a Small muslim island nation that could be easly conquered. Giving the prospect of a a Beach head to convert many and gain gold in the prosess. This reults in spain sending an armada to attack the Mali-Taino State ussing cannon fire metal armor horses and more the conquere and subjugate the mali-taino creating a slave base on the island as history plays out similarly. Leading too over planting of luxury crops destroying to soil and leading to an fight for independence at the least during a napoleonic war or something similar. As an independent black kingdom in the Americas is likly become a bigger more culturaly importaint version of our haiti *The spainish invasion can fail but it be done later on again. or 2, An Alliace is struck between the Mansa and the kings of spain ussing the state as a jumping of board. the carabean cover the caribean as travel is much easier. This also enriches the city greatly. Spaines European dises whould still burn througe the taino. togetter with the last 100 years of bacteria the spainish still subjugate the caribean. but due to timing the dismember ment of the meso-american empires will be a lot slower. colonisation still happens and the Mansa plays a dangerous game to keep his city a needed ally to any colonial power. Using his power as merchant to arm the weaker colonial power to strick at the tronger ones. Aswell as building up his denveces. at most the mansa might lose controle over the eastern part of hispanola due to treaty, war, or colonist. The city mean while adapts as many technologies as it can both to offer there allies what they need and protect them selfs. ''This might include the slave trade of non mali-taino african'' a short lived protectorated would be established but wen colonial power weaken the state never being properly under there master thump whould be indepndent without bloodshed. or 3. The Mansa obsesed with his former homeland demands or buy a ship from The landende Colombus. The Confused Colombus comuniscating with the Mansa in broken arbaic agrees. Ussing as much of the spainish technologies as they can the mali-taino ships are improved and made sure for a return vouage. keeping several of colombus's man hostage as theachers he send colombus back over the see with a lot of gold and a mesage. ''Send me the means to return home and ill shower you in gold'' taken up on the offer a trade begins Between spain and the mali-kingdom. This trade continues for almost 10 to 15 years at wich point the Mansa declares he will retake his rightfull crown. An armada of 5000 warships is seen leaving the Harbour of Kolonkan. two weeks later under a the sunsets the Armada sights land in Senegal. Ussing a combination of atciend maps and europian once the ships sail up the Gambia and begin the march on the malian capital. Discusion of the topic is wanted
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